Leather sofa renovation

Chesterfield Restoration


This  2 seater sofa was in need of re-antiquing, this process includes cleaning and preparing the leather. before applying a black top coat lacquer.

Panel Replacement


Around 20 years old this sofa was part of a three piece suite and all the seat cushions were worn and needed replacing on the suite, along with the seat foams.

Colour Loss


Some two tone leathers are unsealed during manufacture, and the top colour can wear off to give an 'aged' appearance. This sofa was re-coloured and re-sealed.

Head grease removal


A common problem is head grease which can penetrate the leather and if not treated can eventually cause the leather surface to breakdown. This arm chair head rest was de-greased and re-coloured.

Clean and Condition


We offer deep clean and condition of your leather furniture.

This cream suite had seen better days, and customer was very pleased with the end result.

Aniline Leather


Having very little protective coating aniline leather is prone to fading and staining.

We re-dyed this sofa along with a foot stool and arm chair, then sealed the new colour in.